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Dear users of Bluemute, in order to have a suitable environment and to prevent inappropriate and annoying behaviors in the exchange section and to prevent disorder in this section, it is necessary to observe the following points while working in the exchange section.

We ask all new and old users to read and implement these rules carefully. We also ask veteran users to help Bluemute more in line with the mentioned goals and to guide new users. Avoid using obscene and irrelevant words in the titles of other articles and sections. If you use unconventional words in the Iranian Islamic community, your page will definitely be deleted. Also, if you repeat, your access to the user will be blocked. Put your content in the appropriate and defined category to make it easier for other users to access. Avoid creating advertising content or pages. If you view the content or page, it will be deleted. Avoid creating content with topics covered in the list of instances of criminal content. Avoid creating content or pages that relate to other users and their privacy. Also refrain from slandering, attributing and any similar subject. If the desired content is viewed, it will be deleted and the use of violators will be blocked. Creating content on the subject of divination and prayer is strictly forbidden and violating users will be blocked. Avoid creating insulting, ridiculous, attributing, insulting to the officials of the country and ridiculing religions and similar cases. If you see the user access is blocked and the page is deleted. Avoid insulting ethnicity, nationality and minorities, and report violations to site administrators if you see them. Deleted posts will not be counted as user posts and will be deducted from the number of user posts.

Thanks to the Bluemute team





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